LibreOffice Release Notes

New in LibreOffice 7.4:

  • The (new) Menu service, to describe a new menu to be displayed in the menubar. The menu may contain usual items, checkboxes or radio buttons. Each item can be decorated with icons and tooltips.
  • The (new) UnitTest service, a framework to setup testcases and testsuites for complex Basic modules and extensions.
  • The (new) Region service , to manage locales, timezones and daylight saving times. What time is it in Tokyo when it is 12am in Brussels ? Also to convert numbers to letters in any language.
  • Get the list of the available extensions and their install directories (filesystem service).
  • Run menu commands with arguments (ui, document services).
  • Manage a fallback language (l10n service).
  • Export sheet ranges as images or PDF files (calc service).
  • Erase rows or columns from sheet ranges based on filters expressed as formulas (default = erase all empty rows or columns) (calc service).
  • Create and place a pivot table (calc service).
  • Resize and/or center dialogs on a background window or dialog (dialog service).

The whole set of services (except when not relevant) is made available for Python scripts with identical syntax and behaviour as in Basic.

The English version of the documentation of the ScriptForge libraries (7.4) is fully integrated in the LibreOffice help pages. Their translation into other languages is underway. (Alain Romedenne, Rafael Lima)

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