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EFICAD SWOOD 2023 SP1.1 for SolidWorks Woodworking project from design


2023 SP1.1 for SolidWorks
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Free Download EFICAD SWOOD 2023 SP1 full version and offline installer for Windows 11, 10. A software application designed to enhance woodworking and carpentry processes within the SolidWorks environment.

Overview of EFICAD SWOOD (Woodworking project from design)

EFICAD SWOOD is a software application designed to enhance woodworking and carpentry processes within the SolidWorks environment. It's an add-on or plugin that integrates with SolidWorks to provide specialized tools and features tailored for designing and manufacturing wood-based products.

Design faster using drag & drop. SWOOD CAM manages NC machines dedicated to woodworking and their technologies. Create your programs and production documents directly inside SOLIDWORKS. SOLIDWORKS SWOOD is a set of professional solutions for the furniture industry to improve the design and manufacture of furniture.

Features of EFICAD SWOOD for SolidWorks

  • Woodworking Design: SWOOD likely provides specialized tools for designing furniture, cabinetry, wooden structures, and other wood-based products within the SolidWorks interface.
  • Wood Material Libraries: The software may offer libraries of wood materials, textures, and finishes to accurately represent various types of wood in your designs.
  • Component Libraries: SWOOD might include libraries of standard components commonly used in woodworking projects, such as fittings, connectors, and hardware.
  • Cabinet Design: The software could provide tools to design cabinets, shelves, and storage units, including options for customizing dimensions, door styles, and hardware.
  • Parametric Design: SWOOD may allow you to create parametric designs, enabling you to easily modify dimensions and features of your wood-based products.
  • Nesting and Layout: The software might include nesting tools to optimize the arrangement of parts on wood panels for efficient material usage.
  • CAM Integration: Some versions of SWOOD could offer integration with computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software to generate toolpaths for CNC machines used in woodworking.
  • Bill of Materials: The software could generate accurate bills of materials (BOMs) and cut lists based on your design, aiding in manufacturing planning and material procurement.
  • Visualization: SWOOD may provide visualization tools to create realistic renderings and virtual prototypes of your woodworking projects.
  • Automation: Depending on its features, the software might support automation of repetitive tasks, reducing design time and potential errors.
  • Workflow Integration: SWOOD is likely designed to seamlessly integrate with the SolidWorks environment, allowing woodworkers to work within a familiar interface.

Compatibility: SolidWorks 2010-2024 Win64

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Operating system Windows 11, 10
License full_version
Language English
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