Provides you with a boot manager that allows you to boot from various operating systems every single time you power your computer on

Apr 22, 2024

Download: 5963

A free powerful local document search application, just like a local disk Google search engine

Apr 18, 2024

Download: 3754

A free app that allows you to scan your machine and diagnose if any malware, trojans, etc., are present

Apr 18, 2024

Download: 4152

Detect and remove toolbars, adware, hackers and countless other unnecessary programs encroaching on your favorite browser

Apr 18, 2024

Download: 4234

A portable, easy-to-use, safe, well-known drive cleaner with other additional features

Apr 18, 2024

Download: 2532

A collection of Avast ransomware decryption tools that can help decrypt files encrypted by different forms of ransomware

Apr 18, 2024

Download: 5463

Audio player impresses with very high quality sound, with extensive customizability, spartan interface and fairly low system requirements

Apr 14, 2024

Download: 3631

Virtual CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive that enables to emulate up all popular image types of CD, DVD and Blu-ray Discs to drives

Apr 12, 2024

Download: 3996

The run-time components of Visual C++ Libraries needed for running applications on a PC without Visual C++ installed

Apr 11, 2024

Download: 3478

VLC Video Renderer, UTF8 coding, Audio stream detection and Selection, more than 70 filetypes supported

Apr 11, 2024

Download: 2619

A full-featured all-in-one portable software menu, backup utility, app store, automatic updater, and application management system

Apr 11, 2024

Download: 4300

Remove malicious software from your computers that are running Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows

Apr 09, 2024

Download: 5499

A cross-platform text editor, written in Object Pascal. It is open source project and can be used free of charge, even for business

Apr 08, 2024

Download: 3796

A program for managing files and archives in Windows operating systems, viewing files and directories, editing, copying

Apr 07, 2024

Download: 2239

A powerful Windows Explorer add-on, available at your fingertips whenever you right-click on files, folders and even drives in Windows Explorer

Apr 07, 2024

Download: 2606

A very intensive OpenGL benchmark that uses fur rendering algorithms to measure the performance of the graphics card

Apr 07, 2024

Download: 4041

A video converter capable of desktop and Direct3D game recording that uses AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and Microsoft Encoders

Apr 07, 2024

Download: 1794