Virtual CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive that enables to emulate up all popular image types of CD, DVD and Blu-ray Discs to drives

Jan 13, 2024

Download: 2345

An advanced file manager and optimizer featuring a lossless (no quality loss) file size reduction that supports many formats

Jan 10, 2024

Download: 1606

A free, open source application that helps you check if your system meets the requirements of Windows 11

Jan 09, 2024

Download: 783

A free Shoutcast and IceCast compatible internet radio player for Windows

Jan 09, 2024

Download: 651

A standalone anti-virus scanner to detect and remove specific viruses. The program utilizes McAfee scanning, digitally

Jan 09, 2024

Download: 1387

A small utility that can convert videos to Matroska (MKV) format, while providing some customization options such as Alternative methods

Jan 03, 2024

Download: 2234

A diagramming and whiteboarding desktop app based on Electron that wraps the core editor

Jan 02, 2024

Download: 786

Displays EXIF, IPTC, and XMP properties of digital images (e.g. JPEG and TIFF) and allows to edit them

Dec 30, 2023

Download: 1839

A free and open-source, QuickBASIC compiler for Microsoft Windows, DOS, and Linux

Dec 28, 2023

Download: 871

A clipboard manager that captures clipboard objects and allows you to select and paste them into other programs

Dec 28, 2023

Download: 1167

Measurement utility that can can help you get an idea of the responsiveness and performance you should expect of the PC

Dec 12, 2023

Download: 1936

An audio and video encoding program based on FFmpeg and designed for both beginners and professionals

Nov 27, 2023

Download: 980

An easy-to-use multilingual installer that allows you to package your portable apps without writing code

Nov 27, 2023

Download: 1552

Developed by ThinkAutomation that focuses on automating various tasks and processes within organizations

Nov 12, 2023

Download: 568

Allows to download video, audio and subtitles from YouTube in high-quality and as fast as your computer

Nov 12, 2023

Download: 632

Convert YouTube to MP3 in One Click - Support YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook and save it in MP3, M4A, OGG

Nov 12, 2023

Download: 748

Allows to download video, audio and subtitles from YouTube in high-quality and as fast as your computer and connection will allow

Nov 12, 2023

Download: 1110