Security - Privacy :

    A collection of Avast ransomware decryption tools that can help decrypt files encrypted by different forms of ransomware

    Feb 17, 2024

    Download: 3247

    Remove malicious software from your computers that are running Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows

    Feb 14, 2024

    Download: 3632

    A simple software that was created to ensure that you never worry about misplacing or forgetting passwords

    Feb 11, 2024

    Download: 983

    A free app that allows you to scan your machine and diagnose if any malware, trojans, etc., are present

    Feb 05, 2024

    Download: 2572

    Detect and remove toolbars, adware, hackers and countless other unnecessary programs encroaching on your favorite browser

    Feb 05, 2024

    Download: 2901

    Enables you to modify various settings in Windows 10 that have raised privacy concerns with many users

    Jan 31, 2024

    Download: 2463

    Program that searches for and deletes Adware, Toolbars, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP), and browser Hijackers

    Jan 31, 2024

    Download: 728

    A free tool used to remove Windows Defender in Windows 8.x, Windows 10 (all versions) and Windows 11

    Jan 31, 2024

    Download: 326

    A standalone anti-virus scanner to detect and remove specific viruses. The program utilizes McAfee scanning, digitally

    Jan 09, 2024

    Download: 1389

    Hides allows you to effortlessly clear your desktop in one quick keystroke to quickly hide sensitive information

    Jan 02, 2024

    Download: 230