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KpRm 2.17.0 Deep system cleaning


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KpRm 2 Free Download and offline installer for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11. a freeware tool that can help finalize cleaning up after removing a nasty infection by removing the most known antimalware apps.

Overview of KpRm (Deep system cleaning)

KpRm is a small utility that can come in handy when you want to deep clean your system of other applications who create folders in folders that the average users do not usually look into. KpRm is small and easy to use. Delete tools is the only option on, by default, but other options are available. You can back up the registry, delete System Restore points, UAC restore, create a Restore Point, and restore system settings.

The current list of apps that KpRm can remove includes:

  • AdliceDiag (Tigzy)
  • Ads (Gen-Hackman)
  • AdsFix (Gen-Hackman)
  • AdwCleaner (Malwarebytes)
  • AHK_NavScan (Batch_Man)
  • AlphaDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
  • AswMBR (Avast!Software)
  • AuroraDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
  • AutorunsVTChecker (regist)
  • Offline CryptoMix Ransomware Decryptor (Avast!Software)
  • Avenger (swandog46)
  • BitKangarooDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
  • BitStakDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
  • BlitzBlank (Emsisoft)
  • BTCWareDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
  • Catchme (Gmer)
  • Check Browsers LNK (Alex Dragokas & regist)
  • CKScanner (askey127)
  • Clean_DNS (Gen-Hackman)
  • ClearLNK (Alex Dragokas)
  • CMD_Command (Gen-Hackman)
  • CoinVaultDecryptor (Kaspersky Labs)
  • Combofix (sUBs)
  • Crypt38Decrypter (Michael Gillespie)
  • CryptoSearch (Michael Gillespie)
  • DDS (sUBs)
  • CryptON Ransomware Decryptor (Emsisoft)
  • Defogger (jpshortstuff)
  • DCryDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
  • Eset Online Scanner (Eset)
  • FilesLockerDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
  • FixExec (BleepingComputer)
  • FRST (Farbar)
  • FixPurge (McVivien2)
  • FSS (Farbar)
  • GetSystemInfo (Kaspersky Labs)
  • GhostCryptDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
  • GIBON Ransomware Decryptor (Michael Gillespie)
  • GooredFix (jpshortstuff)
  • GrantPerms (Farbar)
  • HiddenTear Bruteforcer (Michael Gillespie)
  • HiddenTear Decrypter (Michael Gillespie)
  • HostsXpert (funkytoad)
  • Hosts-perm.bat (BleepingComputer)
  • InsaneCryptDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
  • JavaRa (Fred de Vries et Paul McLain)
  • Jigsaw Decrypter (Michael Gillespie)
  • Junkware Removal Tool (Malwarebytes corporation)
  • ListCWall (BleepingComputer)
  • ListParts (Farbar)
  • LogOnFix (Xplode)
  • MBAR (Malwarebytes corporation)
  • MBRCheck (a_d_13)
  • mbr.exe (Gmer)
  • MicroCop Decryptor (Michael Gillespie)
  • Miniregtool (Farbar)
  • Minitoolbox (Farbar)
  • MKV (El Desaparecido & C_XX)
  • Mole02Decryptor (M AV)
  • OneClick2RP (Laddy)
  • OTA (Old_Timer)
  • OTC (Old_Timer)
  • OTH (Old_Timer)
  • OTL (Old_Timer)
  • OTM (Old_Timer)
  • OTS (Old_Timer)
  • Pre_Scan (Gen-Hackman)
  • PowerLockyDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
  • ProcessClose (Gen-Hackman)
  • QuickDiag (Gen-Hackman)
  • RakhniDecryptor (Kaspersky Lab)
  • Rannoh Decryptor (Kaspersky Lab)
  • RansomNoteCleaner (Michael Gillespie)
  • RegtoolExport (Xplode)
  • Remediate VBS Worm (bartblaze)
  • Report_Antivir (Laddy)
  • Report_CHKDSK (Laddy)
  • Rkill (Grinler)
  • RogueKiller (Tigzy)
  • RstAssociations (Xplode) (scr) (exe)
  • RstHosts (Xplode)
  • ScanRapide (Lydem)
  • ShadeDecryptor (Kaspersky Labs)
  • Shortcut Cleaner (BleepingComputer)
  • Seaf (C_XX)
  • SecurityCheck (screen317)
  • StrikedDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
  • StupidDecryptor (Michael Gillespie)
  • Symantec Kovter Removal Tool (Symantec)
  • SystemLook (jpshortstuff)
  • SFTGC (Pierre13)
  • TDSSkiller (Kaspersky Labs)
  • TFC (Old_Timer)
  • ToolsDiag (Amesam)
  • UAC-LEVEL (Amesam)
  • UAC Manager (Xplode)
  • UnHide (BleepingComputer)
  • Unlock92Decrypter (Michael Gillespie)
  • Usb File Resc (Streuner Corporation)
  • UsbFix (El desaparecido & C_XX)
  • UnZacMe (Gen-Hackman)
  • Webroot DE-BUG (Webroot)
  • WildfireDecryptor (Kaspersky Labs)
  • WinChk (Xplode)
  • WinsockAnalyzer (Xplode)
  • WinUpdatefix (Xplode)
  • XoristDecryptor (Kaspersky Labs)
  • ZHPCleaner (Nicolas Coolman)
  • ZHPDiag (Nicolas Coolman)
  • ZHPLite (Nicolas Coolman)
  • ZHPFix (Nicolas Coolman)
  • Zoek (Smeenk)
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Operating system Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11
License freeware
Language English
Latest updates
File size 2.7 Mb
Download 1831
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