Audio Plugin :

    Elevate your vocal productions with iZotope's most unique plug-in experience for vocals

    Sep 23, 2023

    Download: 137

    Ducking, or sidechain compression, is one of the defining effects of modern music

    Sep 15, 2023

    Download: 115

    An unlimited sound design playground inspired by 80’s legends

    Sep 15, 2023

    Download: 126

    Provide precise control over the dynamics of your audio tracks

    Sep 14, 2023

    Download: 92

    Based on the MES-432D9 utilized by some of the most demanding engineers in the world

    Sep 14, 2023

    Download: 98

    The fastest and most cost effective way to get your hands on all of the current Make Believe designed plugins

    Sep 14, 2023

    Download: 106

    Texture synthesises new layers which track the dynamics of your sound

    Sep 14, 2023

    Download: 142

    A powerful and versatile synth module that excels at creating deep and powerful bass

    Sep 13, 2023

    Download: 138

    The difference between dull and exciting can sometimes be just saturation.

    Sep 12, 2023

    Download: 116

    Until recently most music software only allowed working with the same 12 notes, equally divided over an octave

    Sep 12, 2023

    Download: 127