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CudaText A cross-platform text editor

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CudaText Free Download and offline installer for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11. a cross-platform text editor, written in Object Pascal. It is open source project and can be used free of charge, even for business.

Overview of CudaText (A cross-platform text editor)

CudaText replaces its predecessor SynWrite is a cross-platform text editor, written in Object Pascal. It is open source project and can be used free of charge, even for business. It is designed to be lightweight and fast, and it includes a number of features to help you edit and manipulate text efficiently. It is extensible by Python add-ons: plugins, linters, code tree parsers, external tools. Syntax parser is feature-rich, based on EControl engine (though not as fast as in some competitors).

Some of the key features of CudaText include:

  1. Syntax highlighting: CudaText supports syntax highlighting for over 170 programming languages and file formats.
  2. Code folding: This feature allows you to collapse blocks of code to make it easier to navigate large files.
  3. Code completion: CudaText includes support for code completion, which can help you write code faster by suggesting completions for keywords and variables.
  4. Customizable interface: You can customize the layout and appearance of CudaText to suit your preferences.
  5. Multiple selections: CudaText allows you to make multiple selections and edit them simultaneously, which can save time when making changes to large blocks of text.
  6. Extensibility: CudaText includes a plugin system that allows you to extend its functionality with additional features and tools.
  7. Cross-platform support: CudaText is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Some software programs that are related to CudaText include:

  1. Sublime Text: This is another popular cross-platform text editor that is widely used by software developers. It has a similar feature set to CudaText and supports a wide range of programming languages.
  2. Atom: This is an open-source text editor developed by GitHub. It is highly customizable and supports a large number of plugins to extend its functionality.
  3. Visual Studio Code: This is a popular code editor developed by Microsoft. It is feature-rich and supports a wide range of programming languages.
  4. Notepad++: This is a free text editor that is primarily designed for use on the Windows platform. It is popular among software developers due to its support for a wide range of programming languages and its ability to handle large files efficiently.
  5. Brackets: This is an open-source text editor developed by Adobe. It is designed to be lightweight and easy to use, and it has a number of features that make it well-suited for web development.
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Operating system Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
License freeware
Language Multilingual
Latest updates
File size 15 Mb
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