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Live2D Cubism Editor 5.0.0 2D model maker

Live2D Cubism Editor

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Free Download Live2D Cubism Editor 5 full version and offline installer for Windows 11, 10, 8. A program used to produce and edit 2D models by automatically creating effects.

Overview of Live2D Cubism Editor (2D model maker)

Live2D Cubism Editor is a software tool developed by Live2D Inc. for creating 2D animations with a focus on creating 2D character animations that can be used in various applications, such as video games, interactive media, and livestreaming. Live2D Cubism Editor is particularly popular in the anime and gaming industries for its ability to bring 2D characters to life with realistic animations.

Dynamically animate an original 2D illustration.
This technology is often compared to 3D animation. However with 3D animation, an entirely new model is constructed based on the original illustration, while Live2D utilizes the original illustration directly. This allows you to provide dynamic expressions while directly harnessing the charm of the drawn character.
The use of Live2D software technology breathes life into your drawn character and generates a much greater effect from the static art. This will help your audience develop a stronger emotional attachment to the character.

Directly animate the original art that you and your fans love.

Many of the works created using Live2D have their origins in traditional 2D, whether a visual novel or famous illustration. This demonstrates that 2D artists and fans value Live2D’s advantage in preserving the authenticity and rich graphics of the original 2D art rendered in modern applications.

Consistent quality across different media forms

Today, a character may be featured in different ways on different media platforms. This results in a lack of visual consistency and quality. Live2D enables the original 2D art to be applied in various media forms with consistent quality.

Endless applications using SDK

Live2D has been utilized for a wide range of applications since it was first introduced in 2008. To cover the growing need in interactive media, Live2D supports a wide spectrum of applications and environments, such as apps for mobile platforms (iOS, Android), game consoles, game engines (Unity, Cocos2d-x), and other communication tools for events and live streaming video.

Features of Live2D Cubism Editor

  • 2D Mesh Deformation: Live2D Cubism Editor allows you to create animations by manipulating a 2D mesh of a character's parts (e.g., face, body, clothing) to achieve lifelike movement and expressions.
  • Rigging and Bone Structure: You can create a bone structure for your 2D character, allowing for more complex and dynamic animations.
  • Layer-Based Workflow: Similar to traditional animation software, Live2D Cubism Editor works with layers, making it easy to manage different parts of your character and apply textures and deformations.
  • Parameter Control: You can set up parameters (e.g., blink, smile, frown) and control them in real-time to create interactive character animations.
  • Physics Simulation: The software offers physics simulation capabilities for creating realistic motion, such as hair swaying or cloth movement.
  • Texture Mapping: You can map textures onto your 2D character model, allowing for detailed and visually appealing designs.
  • Export Options: Finished animations can be exported as data files that can be integrated into various applications and game engines.

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