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LLBLGen Pro 5.10.2 Entity Modeling Solution and ORM framework


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Free Download LLBLGen Pro 5 full version and offline installer for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7. A solution for fast and easy Entity Modeling and actually creates an entity model layer.

Overview of LLBLGen Pro (Entity Modeling Solution and ORM framework)

LLBLGen Pro is a commercial object-relational mapping (ORM) and entity modeling framework primarily designed for .NET development. It provides tools and libraries to simplify the process of interacting with databases in .NET applications. LLBLGen is a framework that works well with most existing ORMs such as Entity Framework, NHibernate, Linq To SQL or even your custom ORMs, you can simply design the database modeling layer and then map it to your database.

This beautiful framework is not limited to graphic design and even the automated code it produces is very clean, tidy and well documented so that you feel you have written it yourself, so it will be easy for you to link to it. . LLBLGen supports modern features like async / await, caching results to speed up queries, step load, transaction error recovery as well as Linq to keep you comfortable with the latest .NET technologies when using this product. Along with all the features that this product has, it also has high efficiency, making it one of the fastest among available ORMs.

Features of LLBLGen Pro

  • Code Generation: LLBLGen Pro is known for its code generation capabilities. It can generate data access code, entity classes, and database schema code based on your database schema and a visual entity model you design. This can significantly reduce the amount of manual coding required when working with databases.
  • Support for Multiple Database Systems: It supports various database management systems (DBMS), including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more. This allows developers to work with different databases using a consistent API and entity model.
  • Entity Modeling: The framework includes a visual designer for creating entity models. You can define entities, relationships, and mappings between your application's domain model and the underlying database structure. This abstract representation simplifies data access and reduces the need for writing complex SQL queries.
  • LINQ Support: LLBLGen Pro supports LINQ (Language-Integrated Query), which allows developers to write database queries using a more intuitive and strongly-typed syntax in C# or VB.NET.
  • Flexible Querying: Developers can use LLBLGen Pro to create complex database queries using its query API or LINQ. It provides support for various query types, including simple selects, joins, filtering, and sorting.
  • Change Tracking: The framework offers change tracking functionality, making it easier to work with data updates and persist changes back to the database.
  • Integration with Visual Studio: LLBLGen Pro integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Visual Studio, providing tools, templates, and extensions that enhance the development experience.
  • Performance Optimization: It includes features for optimizing data retrieval and query execution, such as caching and prefetching.
  • Transaction Management: The framework provides transaction management support, allowing developers to work with database transactions when needed.
  • Advanced Mapping Options: LLBLGen Pro offers advanced mapping options for handling complex database structures and customizing how data is mapped to entities.

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