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RoundedTB Add margins, rounded corners to your taskbars

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RoundedTB Free Download and offline installer for Windows 10, 11. A customization app that allows you to add margins, rounded corners, and segments to your taskbar.

Overview of RoundedTB (Add margins, rounded corners to your taskbars)

RoundedTB is a customization app that allows you to add margins, rounded corners, and segments to your taskbar. With RoundedTB, you can customise the shape and appearance of Windows' taskbar, without modifying any system files or making any permanent system changes.

RoundedTB Basic Options:

The simplest way to use RoundedTB is by simply entering a margin and corner radius. RoundedTB lives in the system tray, just right-click its icon to access all the settings.

  • Margin - controls how many pixels to remove from each side of the taskbar, creating a margin around it that you can see and click through.
  • Corner Radius - adjusts how round the corners of the taskbar should be.
  • Advanced - displays a host of additional advanced customisation options, explained below.
  • Apply - applies the selected settings to the taskbar.

RoundedTB Advanced Options:

These allow for further customisation, at the cost of some user-friendliness.

  • Independent Margins - in the advanced settings, a ... button appears on the margin box. Click it to enable independent margins, which allow you to specify the margin for each side of the taskbar. You can also use negative values to hide the rounded corners for some sides, allowing you to "attach" the taskbar to different sides of the monitor.
  • Dynamic Mode (Windows 11) - dynamic mode automatically resizes the taskbars to accommodate the number of icons in it, making the taskbar behave similarly to macOS' Dock.
  • Split Mode (Windows 10) - split mode is a simplified version of dynamic mode for Windows 10. Due to a more limited taskbar, dynamically resizing the taskbar isn't possible. However after some setup, split mode allows you to separate the taskbar from the system tray and resize it at will. I admit it's certainly not as cool as dynamic mode but for now it's better than nothing. For info on setting up, see the bottom of this readme.
  • Show System Tray - this toggles whether or not the system tray, clock etc. is displayed in dynamic/split mode. It can be toggled at any time by pressing Win+F2.
  • TranslucentTB Compatibility - due to a bug in Windows, apps that alter the composition of the taskbar don't allow RoundedTB's changes to show up automatically. Whilst I'm currently not aware of a fix, I've worked closely with Sylveon to enable some level of compatibility between TranslucentTB and RoundedTB. This is experimental and will flicker slightly. It requires TranslucentTB version 2021.5 to function.
  • About RoundedTB - provides information about the current version of RoundedTB. The "Debug" section lets you open the config and log files.

New features:

  • Dynamic mode for Windows 11, providing a dock-like segmented taskbar!
  • Split mode, a simplified version of dynamic mode for Windows 10!
  • Independent margin controls!
  • Better support for TranslucentTB (version 2021.5 and above)!
  • An updated icon (including icons for the Development and Canary builds)!
  • A new help/about window!
  • Debug logging!
  • Bug fixes!
  • More bugs!
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Language English
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