Engineering - Simulation :

    The Ultimate 3D Material Authoring and Scan Processing Tool

    Sep 10, 2023

    Download: 91

    Provides all the tools to take your 3D idea from a block of digital clay all the way to a production

    Sep 10, 2023

    Download: 740

    A modern software tool for the Grafcet standard DIN EN 60848, making it easy and fast to draw a Grafcet chart with copy & paste

    Sep 09, 2023

    Download: 88

    Visualize and interact with almost any CAD file and mesh, and collaborate on the desktop or in VR

    Sep 08, 2023

    Download: 73

    Create stunning light effects with 2d sprites in your game engine

    Sep 08, 2023

    Download: 96

    Print2CAD 2024 AI converts all PDF vectors, PDF raster images (vectorization), native and non-native PDF text (OCR)

    Sep 08, 2023

    Download: 79

    Create models with our easy to use 3D software for: games, virtual reality and flight simulation, scientific, medical...

    Aug 27, 2023

    Download: 82

    Smart 2D animation software that lets you turn still images into live moving scenes

    Aug 27, 2023

    Download: 403

    An advanced software package used for Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) and Structural Health Monitoring

    Aug 26, 2023

    Download: 92

    A lightning-fast 3D modeler and UV mapper, with a deep, industry-grade toolset and intuitive workflow

    Aug 23, 2023

    Download: 251