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vmPing (Visual Multi Ping) 1.3.23 Graphical Ping Utility For Multiple Hosts

vmPing (Visual Multi Ping)

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vmPing (Visual Multi Ping) 1.3.23 Free Download and offline installer for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11. A graphical ping utility for monitoring multiple hosts, in addition to standard ICMP pings, you can also perform a TCP port ping.

Overview of vmPing (Visual Multi Ping) (Graphical Ping Utility For Multiple Hosts)

vmPing (Visual Multi Ping) is a graphical ping utility for monitoring multiple hosts simultaneously. Numerous host monitors can be added and removed, and each monitor dynamically resizes with the application window. Color-coding allows you to tell at a glance the status of each host.

vmPing (Visual Multi Ping)

In addition to standard ICMP pings, you can also perform a TCP port ping, where the application continuously connects to a specified port and displays whether or not the port is open. Other features include a fast trace route utility and a basic packet generator and stress tester, popup notifications, email alerts and output logging.

Features of vmPing

  • Quickly and easily ping multiple hosts.
  • Color coding allows you to instantly determine the status of each host. Green means up. Red means down. Orange means error.
  • Each host monitor dynamically resizes with the application's window. Take up your whole screen or reduce everything to a tiny window.
  • Probe options to configure the interval between each ping request (anything from 1 second to several hours) and how many seconds until it is considered timed out.
  • Monitor TCP ports. vmPing can continously connect to a given TCP port and will display whether the port is open or closed. Enter HOSTNAME:PORT for the hostname. For example, WebserverA:80
  • Option to log everything to a text file.
  • Option to send email alerts. Each time a host goes up or down, you will receive an email.
  • Favorites system. Easily save and recall sets of hosts at any time.
  • FAST built-in trace route utility.
  • A simple built-in packet generator / stress tester for flooding a specific host.

Recent Changes

Version 1.3.17:

  • Fix: Windows XP/7 would crash when opening the Status History window. This was due to an incompatible reference added in 1.3.16.
  • Status History window now has filters. Type in the box to filter by name or address. The different status types are filterable as well: ups, downs, starts, and stops.
  • When a system error is encountered while pinging (example: network interface disabled in Windows), vmPing will mark as lost and continue ping attempts. Previously, the pinging would stop entirely.
  • Code signed! I purchased a 3-year certificate with your contributions. The pre-compiled binary on this release and all future releases should be code signed. This will get rid of Windows Smart Screen warnings, untrusted publisher errors, and false flagging by antivirus vendors that alert on unsigned executables. You might still see Smart Screen warnings for now since it's reputation-based and this is a brand new cert.
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